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Apple Seeds, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to addressing the  ongoing mental health crisis for individuals and our communities.


We provide  emotional and educational support to moms (before, during, and after  pregnancy), moms-to-be, and individuals regardless of their ability to pay for  mental health services.


These services include: Therapeutic Support, Community  Education, and Individual Counseling/Coaching.

Our goals are: 

  • ❖ to increase mental health services, education, and awareness 

  • ❖ to see a reduction of PMAD/PPD symptoms in new moms 

  • ❖ to explore individual past traumas and their potential impacts 

  • ❖ to build a community of support for pregnant, new mothers, and their  families 

  • ❖ to increase bonding between mom, baby, and other children in the home

Our Staff

Tenikki Sesley,
Founder & CEO

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Laura Taylor,
Clinical Director

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Sara Whitehurst

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Tera Brownlee

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Jelisa Anderson

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Warm, compassionate, nonjudgmental, guided, community based



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