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Founder & CEO

Tenikki has relentlessly worked in the social services sector as an advocate for individuals and families in crisis and with the most vulnerability for over 15 years.  Her purpose and passion for strengthening families took her to the TN Department of Children’s Services where she advocated and assisted many families to overcome adversities and challenges.


Her added affection for educating and supporting mothers before, during, and after pregnancy led to exploring Postpartum Depression (PPD) in the urban, low-income, and African American communities, which compelled her to become a CAPPA trained postpartum doula.



Tenikki Sesley

Tenikki believes Apple Seeds emerged with people who believed in the mission, and faith that because our families and communities were in a mental health crisis, the way would be made. Tenikki gathered information from available sources and relied on the knowledge gained from her personal and professional experiences dealing with families in need.  Tenikki believed that with a little help, individuals, mothers (and their families) in crisis could overcome life’s challenges and ultimately thrive. 

Apple Seeds has grown, and programs have expanded and evolved, our mission and vision remain unchanged - to be a leading mental wellness organization in the Midsouth. Tenikki will continue working to increase awareness and communicating the importance of our mental health services to the medical community and general public.  Tenikki is committed to providing mental wellness support regardless of a family’s ability to pay. 


Much of Tenikki’s success can be attributed to her positive attitude, patience, and dedication. Tenikki is a proud mother of two wonderfully, grounded children; Ashera and Caleb. Tenikki wholeheartedly believes the quote, “It takes a Village…” which is still factual and relevant and will be for generations to come.

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